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The Mocke Wrist Paddle Leash keeps your paddle secure during moments you need it most.

Wrist Paddle Leash

  • When paddling in open water there are moments when holding onto your paddle is cumbersome, difficult or impossible. With the Mocke Wrist Paddle Leash you can simply let go, free up both hands, and then grab the paddle as soon as you are ready to paddle again.

    For example, in the event of a capsize, when one needs to remount in deep water, it helps not having to worry about losing your paddle should you let go while climbing back into the seat. Or, should you need both your hands to retrieve something from your lifejacket, make adjustments in and around the cockpit or work on a fellow paddlers’ boat rafted next to you, you can briefly let go and focus on the task at hand. Finally, you can rest secure that your paddle stays in your hands during moments when the wind and sea be become so violent that you fear your paddle will be ripped from them.

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