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Vaaka Cadence Sensors are lightweight, wireless, electronic sensors that provides real-time stroke rate feedback and distance per stroke analysis. Used by athletes in Kayaking, Canoeing, Outrigger paddling, Dragon Boating and Stand up Paddle Boarding.


Traditionally athletes have used heart rate, distance, time, or perceived exertion. All of these have their limitations, so stroke rate is the new pretender. Other than taking blood lactate levels, stroke rate is the best indicator of training intensity we have so far. (How to paddle faster, Brendan O’Neill)


Stroke rate data is displayed on compatible GPS devices and smartphones. Stroke rate is logged alongside GPS data, time, speed, heart rate and distance. Specific Realtime feedback during training and post training analysis.


Post training analysis using Vaaka Analytics software will automatically calculate distance per stroke making it possible to measure and monitor improvements in performance. Vaaka provided free Vaaka Analytics software for stroke rate and distance per stroke analysis.


“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” (Deming)


Because boat speed is a product of stroke rate and distance per stroke these are the two most important metrics to measure and manage for improved performance. Vaaka sensors allow athletes and coaches to see stroke rate data during training.

Vaaka Cadence Sensor

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