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NB - Surfski's only available for dropoff or pick up in Auckland Region or as per arrangement.


The Squall is best described as a stable competitive intermediate surfski.

Quick and fun with superb response in  waves. Even though the boat has a little more width, you still have that tight paddle catch as you do on a narrow ski.

The cockpit is developed from years of feedback with a carefully shaped seat, swept back backrest, low hump and a bike bottle holder under the knees for easy access to the included NK bottle. The cutouts on the sides are designed to give a perfectly tight paddle catch.


Standard outfitting

  • The new foot-controled deBrito bailer, most effective on the market

  • Carbon fiber footrest with NK foot strap, self-adjusting lines, quick to adjust length

  • Anchor point for leash at foot strap

  • Handles in front and back

  • Carbon carry handles in cockpit sides

  • Packing net on aft deck

  • Bike bottle holder with NK sport bottle in cockpit

  • Rudder control wheel for optimal steering control

  • Surf rudder



The Squall comes in two models: the 540 and the 580


Squall 540
Recommended paddler weight: 50 kg+
Length: 540cm

Beam: 49 cm
Cockpit lenght: 165-200 cm

Stability factor: 6/10


Squall 580
Recommended paddler weight: 65 kg+
Length: 580cm

Beam: 49 cm
Cockpit length: 155-195 cm

Stability factor: 6/10



CarbonComp (Hybrid)

Pre-preg UD carbon and fiberglass construction with premium grade divinycell foam core. Reinforced with stringer for increased stiffness and strength. Fully painted body


580, fully equipped, 11,8 kg

540, fully equipped, 11,3 kg


Pre-preg uni directional carbon construction with premium grade divinycell foam core. Reinforced with stringer for increased stiffness and strength. Fully painted body (Polyurethane white gloss paint finish) without visible seam.


580, fully equipped 10 kg

540, fully equipped 9,2 kg


Raw naked carbon body Ltd edition. Uni-direction carbon construction without paint on the main body to reach a ridiculously low weight yet strong construction. The naked carbon surface is extremely hard making it almost impossible to scratch. Carbon X model should not be stored in direct sunlight.
Minor cosmetic blemishes can occur


580, fully equipped, 9 kg

540, fully equipped, 8.4 kg


Nordic Kayak - Squall

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