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  • Double-Lined “boot” for extra protection against wear
  • Takes 2-3 paddles depensing on size and how you stack them.
  • 140cm total length and fit up to 54inch paddle
  • Stain resistant colour theme (Grey and Black)
  • Rugged edge binding
  • Versatile stow-away strap system prevents flapping ends during travel
  • Blade separator and double thick padding ensure maximum paddle protection
  • Zip configuration allows you to lock pockets during travel
  • Two spacious compartments to separate dry and wet kit
  • Made entirely of water proof fabric
  • Anti-corrosion zippers
  • Cell phone and key pouch inside
  • FRAGILE label integrated in surface design
  • Made in South Africa!


  • Never leave your wet gear in the bag over night, it will stink in the morning!
  • Wash your bag AT LEAST ONCE a season i.e. every three months.
  • Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight

New Mocke Deluxe WAKA Paddle Bag

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