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ICON is thrilled to introduce our exciting new 2024 base layer, featuring TECNOSTRETCH fabric technology – where innovation opens up new opportunities in paddling performance intensity and staying power.


Building on the success of our Tecnostretch headbands since 2017, incorporating this fabric into our base layer marks a significant enhancement for essential performance paddlesport gear! This new 'skin-fit' base layer sets unprecedented standards in warmth, flexibility and comfort for both training and racing.




Tecnostretch is manufactured by Italian fabric manufacturer, Pontetorto. It is best known for its use as a layering system fabric in technical outdoor apparel. We have specifically chosen Tecnostretch to wick away sweat from the brush fleeced inner lining, and at the same time reduce water penetrating the smooth, repellent outer layer. This helps keep your body warm, dry and comfortable during the most intense activity… and/or weather! Perfect for winter training!

In addition to Tecnostretch fabric for the majority of the garment, we've also used a highly elastic and soft fabric (brand 'Nilo') for the underarm panels, ensuring absolute maximum reach at the end of each stroke phase, uncompromising breathability and no chaffing!

Men's Long Sleeve, Tecnostretch™ Performance Paddlesport Base Layer

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