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Arguably one of the best all round paddles in the World!


GARA Odin Ultra lite Racing Paddle and bag (Surfski)

40% Carbon 60% Glass Ultra Light

Lenght - 208-218cm

Weight 750g (Small weigh variances do occure)


ODIN Small

The Odin S is a smaller version of our most popular product, the Odin. This blade is very economical and is suitable for lighter paddlers, and for ultra distance events.



Length478 mm
Width166 mm
Weight220 g (per blade)
Surface Area700 cm² (CAD calculated)


ODIN Medium

The Odin is an improvement on our most popular blade, the GP2. This is a lighter paddle that is teardrop shaped, and has changed slightly, but its construction is totally different. The design of the paddle allows the paddler to achieve an earlier catch and an efficient exit. This is Gara's best all-round paddle.



Length494 mm
Width170 mm
Weight220 g (per blade)
Surface Area740 cm² (CAD calculated)


ODIN Large

Its the big brother of the Odin, specifically designed for the stronger paddler, for sprints and marathons. The Odin L has a greater forward catch, helping with acceleration and top end boat speed.



Length504 mm
Width175 mm
Weight260 g (per blade)
Surface Area780 cm² (CAD calculated)



Gara's famous paddles are used by top athletes in the sport, hobbyists and casual enthusiasts. 



The blend of materials (carbon and fiberglass) used in the shaft of your paddle affects the flexibility and durability of the shaft. The higher the carbon content, the stiffer your shaft will be, making paddling much harder but allowing you to paddle faster. After years of experience, the 40% carbon / 60% glass shaft has proven to be the most popular and all round best shaft.


Other Sizes and shaft options available on spesial order:

Large Odin Blade

100% Glass

60% Carbon / 40% Glass

60% Carbon / 40% Glass (Ultra Light)

80% Carbon / 20% Glass

80% Carbon / 20% Glass (Ultra Light)

90% Carbon / 10% Glass

90% Carbon / 10% Glass (Ultra Light)

100% Carbon

100% Carbon (Ultra Light)

GARA Odin Ultralite (Surfski) & Paddle Bag

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