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Intermediate Ski


The Fennix Swordfish S is one of the best skis on the market for the mid pack paddler looking for a stable platform that is still fast and compedative. It maintains the stability and speed of its predecessor with improved surfing performance thanks to the advanced seat and rudder.

It has an ability to stay at the top of the waves which makes it effective in downwinding.

In addition, the new ergonomics of the seat provide appreciable comfort.



Length: 6.1 m | Width: 45 cm | Seat Width:  40.5cm


The all-new Fennix version of the Swordfish S has seen the countries most popular ski go one step further. The Fennix Swordfish S has finer lines and new front half of the ski, which makes for an extremely responsive craft while maintaining the stability and feel of the older model. The Fennix Swordfish S offers the amazing downwind surfing ability and is the next step up from the XT  range or for those looking for greater speed and a new challenge. The Fennix Swordfish S has a smaller bump and will accommodate paddlers shorter than 5’5. 


So what’s different to the previous model?  


  • The shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down – this is visually the biggest difference
  • Increased volume in the front of the ski and slightly more v-shape on the front half of the hull 
  • Improved downwind surfing performance
  • The seat design has changed slightly – still super comfortable!
  • The width of the ski at the paddle entrance is narrower by approximately 1cm
  • Rudder position has remained the same as the previous model

Fennix Swordfish S

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