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Elite Ski


If you are looking for the best downwind boat on the market then look no further. 


This is an extraordinary surfksi that is a good all rounder, afordable, excellent surfing runs, very maneuverable, cuts through the runs, fast and a very stable racing skis.



Length: 6.44 m | Width: 43 cm | Seat Width:  38.5cm

The Fennix Elite S continues on the same path as its predecessors the Elite and Elite S. Both of those were the leaders in the racing category. The Fennix version brings in slightly more rocker with some movements of volume to different parts of the ski. It is even more maneuverable and maintains that flatwater speed of the Elite S. The seat is slightly different from the previous Elite S seats. The Fennix Elite S has a smaller bump and will accommodate paddlers shorter than 5’5.


So what’s different to the previous model? 

·         The shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down in line with the new Fennix models

·         More rocker in the hull, however, maintains great flatwater speed

·         Narrower through the front and slightly higher deck

·         The seat is slightly more forward

·         Less hump under your legs

·         Greater maneuverability – the ski is extremely responsive allowing you to move the                ski quickly into the desired position to pick up runs

Fennix Elite S

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