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Ensure a more comfortable fit in your surfski or kayak.

Our generic and ergonomically shaped seat pad fits most paddle craft seats.

It has a self adhesive backing which makes it simple to stick down.

Made from 10mm thick PVA foam, our Seat Pad is designed to minimise the onset of dreaded “dead leg” and provide maximum all-round comfort.

Adjustable Seat Pad

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  • Features:

    • Adjustable attachment
    • 1cm PVA foam
    • Ergonomic design


    • Before removing backing first press seat pad into the seat to assess placing position
    • Pad should take the shape of the seat
    • Ensure that the back of the pad (curved areas) are set midway up the back of the seat


    • For best performance, clean the seat area properly before sticking down your seat pad adjusters
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