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Advanced low-volume Ski



Length: 6.44 m | Width: 42 cm | Seat Width:  37.5cm


The Fennix Spark S is the upgraded model of the first-ever competitive low volume ski the Fenn Spark. The Fennix Spark S is truly unique in its design and performance. The most noticeable change when you sit in the Fennix Spark S is extra wide in the seat and the reduction of the hump under your legs. The Fennix Spark S is best suited to the smaller paddler up to 80kg and 6’ft in maximise the best performance on the water. The Fennix Spark S is extremely comfortable and stable for an elite ski, is fast, manoeuvrable, responsive and surfs with ease.

So what’s different to the previous model?  

·         Internal seat width is wider through the whole depth of the seat

·         The rudder is 6cm more forward allowing for greater control when surfing

·         The seat is a little deeper which adds stability

·         The hump under your legs has been redesigned and is noticeably lower and does not interfere            with your leg drive

·         The cockpit length is longer

·         The shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down in line with all Fennix models

Fennix Spark S

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